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Strategy Development

Application strategy, goals, capabilities & business model.

Mobile App Development

Backend & frontend, testing.

Analysis & Planning

Product roadmap, technology stack, MVP creation.


Apple store, Google Play, Android

UI/UX Design

Information architecture & workflows, wireframes, style guides

Support & Performance Monitoring

App downloads, churn rates, retention, active users, ratings, reviews

Successful projects

We have local resources and content. We've consulted start-up projects toward the Canada Start-up Visa Program from the minimum viable product to launch. Two of the three projects reached the approval stage in 2023.


​An online-merge-offline platform for Art

We provide an OMO interface for art learning with diverse activities and cultural specializations. To facilitate seamless experiences for hybrid education, we equip scheduling assistants for offline arrangements and possible art events.

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A mobile application for peer-to-peer tourism business

Supporting tourism means enhancing the quality of life for all Canadians. We aim to empower travel, recreation, dining, festivals, and events by creating the first mobile application for peer-to-peer tourism.

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An innovative solution for health-conscious individuals

The application helps to track nutrition and calorie intake depending on the consumers' home cooking and dining out goals. It also considers an individual's tastes and food restrictions to make appropriate recommendations for food pairing, and matching options from local restaurants.

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