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Business Incubation for Québec Entrepreneur Program

The Québec Entrepreneurs Program, which is designed by the Québec government, aims to encourage entrepreneurs to move to Québec. Under this program, individuals can obtain residency by presenting an innovative or investment project they intend to develop within Québec's boundaries. To be successful in the program, the entrepreneur must seek assistance from an accredited business incubator.

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Eligibility Criteria

Beyond our qualification criteria, all eligibility criteria for Quebec immigration must be satisfied before acceptance into the Québec Entrepreneur Program.

Applicant consents to Mahogany Innovation to conduct due diligence on their personal, business, educational, and financial background.

All applicants and their families are willing to reside and work in Québec and obtain an attestation of learning about democratic values.

Applicant demonstrates the capability to financially support themselves and their family and have adequate net worth according to each stream.

Applicant must have the minimum language proficiency requirements in French (CLB 7). 

​The Québec government also motivates and financially supports the applicant to attend French classes.

The applicant must align with each project development and immigration step, which differs for each stream.

Up to four applicants can apply as startup owners, provided 25% capital for the project development & operation.

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